Process. Safety. Quality.


Our manufacturing facilities are located in Nanjangud, around 200km from Bangalore. Our units are state of the art allowing us to perform complex reactions such as Hydrogenation, Epoxidation, Cyclopropanation, Rearrangement, Condensation, and Grignard reactions. Further, we perform unit operations such as Reactive Distillation, High Vacuum Distillation, and Continuous Distillation. Our processes are fine tuned to provide consistent product as per stringent industry olfaction requirements. The production facility operates 24x7 in 3 shifts with robust utilities including hot-oil, chiller, and steam units to name a few. The facilities are supported by a 100% standby generator with secondary support.


We have instituted a robust safety protocol and have promoted a safety first culture. Safety audits are frequently performed, while training programs, emergency drill, and the testing of safety equipment are conducted once a quarter. Further, the plant has been automated to prevent errors in handling and boost the safety of our units. Fail-safes are included in the design process of all our manufacturing units, with high risk units exceeding the safety requirements proposed by industry standards.


Our production facility exceeds the requirements stipulated by industry standards when it comes to environmental safety and regulations. We are a zero effluent discharge facility. This implies that we recycle all our water, treat all our effluents in-house and do not discharge material into the surrounding environment, rivers, etc. It has always been the vision of the company for us to be environmentally friendly and advance. Further, we have planted over 600 trees of various varieties and are working with the government to help revive the endangered Mysore Sandalwood tree.